Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010


The city in which I live.
And spend a ridiculous amount of time in.

Mooloolaba beach


Aicha Robertson

the most creative mind I've ever met. It is always a pleasure photographing her.

During the Winter

I enjoy the chill.
Darkness is constantly present
but when the glimmer of sunshine
the feeling is indescribable

This evening,

was one of the first times I'd become interested in photography. I took this photo from my verandah onlooking roads toward Webster Rd. Although it's very amateur and blurry, the colours of the sunset and traffic are a calming setting. The cars could be seen in motion, but there was no sound.

Of late,

this is a new passage for me. I hope for this to be an expression of my artistic thoughts, a combination of words, my photography and the inspiration i've been given.

Be observant, because "the key to freedom is eternal vigilance"